2014 U.S. National Pankration Championships Results

Photo of Top 3 Team from 2014 U.S. National Pankration Championships. Military Teams took the the top 3 spots.
1. Fort Riley Combatives, Kansas
2. Fight Club 29, 29 Palms CA
3. U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY
(not shown)
4. Team Quest, Temecula, CA
5. Fight Strong, San Clemente, CA
Outstanding competition and sportsmanship by all athletes and coaches. We had several challenges to overcome. Our venue on Camp Pendleton was shut down the afternoon before the tournament due to the wildfires. Dan Henderson’s Training center graciously invited us to relocate to their incredible gym but we had to modify the competition to Class C rules due to CSAC restrictions on the sport. Referees scrambled to gather replacement tournament equipment since ours were trapped in the fire zone. Participants and staff all kept a positive spirit and embraced the challenges making it a great time for all
Individual Results
Seniors – Top two placing athletes qualify for FILA World Championships

57kg/ 125lbs
1. Sean Guzman – Fight Academy Pasadena
2. Carl Rollins – Fight Strong
3. Kelvin Kamp – Fort Riley Combatives
62kg/ 136lbs
1. Mark Huls – McVicker MMA
2. Micha Andrade – Fort Riley Combatives
3. Samuel Goodwin – Compound MMA
66kg/ 145lbs
1. Dylan Jankovich – U.S. Military Academy
2. Justin Overton – Fort Riley Combatives
3. Josh Medina – Fight Club 29 Palms
71kg/ 156lbs
1. Jeremy Spry – Undisputed MMA
2. Trevor McKenzie – Fort Riley Combatives
3. Marc Guardado – Team Kadillac
77kg/ 169lbs
1. David Nakasone – Fort Riley Combatives
2. Paul Getchell – U.S. Military Academy
3. Dan Brecht – Undisputed MMA
84kg/ 185lbs
1. Brandon Collins – Fight Club 29 Palms
2. Austin Bowman – U.S. Military Academy
3. David Porter – Fight Club 29 Palms
92kg/ 202lbs
1. Jonathan Cobb – Kings MMA
2. Chris Gilmore – Fight Club 29
3. John Santos – U.S. Military Academy
100kg/ 220lbs
1. Carl Johnson – Fort Riley Combatives
2. Issac Relayze – Unattached
3. Shane Walsh – OC Kickboxing

1. Matt Kivchuwehn – Team Quest Temecula
2. Justin Robinson – Fight Club 29 Palms
3. Rico Wilcox – Fort Riley Combatives

53kg/ 116lbs
1. Baleria Camacho – Team Quest Temecula
58kg/ 127lbs
1. Jackie Vandenburgh – Team Quest Temecula
2. Baleria Camacho – Team Quest Temecula
64kg/ 141lbs
1. Jackie Vandenburgh – Team Quest Temecula
2. Mckenna Hutchinson – Ralph Gracie Chino Hills
3. Baleria Camacho – Team Quest
71kg/ 156lbs
1. Leah Maneillas – Barum BJJ

2. Alexis Dufresne – Team Quest Temecula
3. Leah Maneillas – Barum BJJ
4. Katherine Proudfoot – Fight Club 20 Palms

Masters (Some weights were combined with Seniors during competition.)
All listed qualify for Veterans World Championships)
62kg/ 136lbs
1. Mark Huls – McVicker MMA
66kg/ 145lbs
1. Darby Faulkner – Fight Strong
2. Jackson Doan – Fight Club 29 Palms
77kg/ 169lbs
1. Dan Brecht – Undisputed
84kg/ 185lbs
1. Jonathan Howard – Unattached
92kg/ 202lbs
1. Adam Conkin – Team Quest Temecula
100kg/ 220lbs
1. Carl Johnson – Carl Johnson – Fort Riley Combatives

1. Mark Bentley – Team Quest Temecula
All U.S. National Team qualifiers may contact Mr. Dave Sixel, email president@usafpa.org and Ms. Laura Edler Hill , email lauraehill@sbcglobal.net for further details on the FILA World Championships in Budapest, Hungry this October.

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