Eclectics Pankration

Craig Pumphrey
Eclectic Kombat

Eclectics Pankration was founded with a mission to provide the most concise, and effective form of modern Pankration possible.  Developed by Craig Pumphrey, Eclectics respects the ethos taught in the art of Pankrations antiquity, but actualizes the needs in today’s modern defensive tactics. Using his accumulated training, coaching, and competition experience, Pumphrey founded the Eclectics Martial Arts System.

Craig has been featured in several media publications, and on shows such as Rolling Stone, The Today Show, Grappling Magazine, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Craig, along with his brother Paul Pumphrey have been featured on several of their own T.V. shows for National Geographic, and most notably The Human Wrecking Balls that aired on G4.

One of the most important aspects of Eclectics Pankration is to be a tool an individual can use to reshape their training experience.  Some Eclectics students are world-class fighters, while others are regular nine to five weekend warriors looking for a new challenge.  A guiding principle for Eclectics Pankration is to replicate the Pankrationists of old and be multifaceted.  Pankration is an art that looks different on every student who learns it.  By the time a student learns Eclectics Pankration they not only have a set of guiding principles and techniques to make them well versed as a fighter/student, but they learn how to live Pankration everyday with their actions.  The design is not to make everyone the same, but to assist each individual to accomplish any goal they set.  Students study Eclectics Pankration to get in better shape, some strive to be MMA, Pankration, Grappling, or Judo champions.  One thing is guaranteed, every student who sticks around long enough to become a Black Belt has the ability to step into any competition scenario and be competitive.

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All the Eclectics Pankration Instructors are trained, ranked, and certified in their respective art forms.  For more information visit our Eclectics Pankration Family Tree to see those ranked in Eclectics Pankration, or visit for a listing of all the Pankrationists ranked in the USA.  Eclectics Pankration is a recognized Pankration training system by both the USA and World Pankration Federations.